Advance Planning

A Note from the Evans'

Advance planning funerals is an important part of life. However difficult it may be to begin the discussion, it is a discussion that most will have to participate. We, at Evans Funeral Home, are available to assist you to begin your own funeral planning.

From first-hand experiences, family members faced with planning a loved one's funeral creates uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety. Whether the death has been long expected or sudden, survivors find themselves in front of a funeral director with the task of making very important decisions. Planning in advance gives you time to recall, organize, and contemplate your thoughts and wishes. When you advance plan your funeral, you are able to consider adding personal touches that tell the wonderful story of your life. Making these decisions beforehand is the best way to protect your life's work and savings. Furthermore, it is one of the most thoughtful gestures you can make for your loved ones. Planning your funeral in advance, whether weeks or years ahead of time is a gift to your family.

Get the facts before you decide

When speaking with people in the community, we find many people are misinformed of how funeral arrangements can be completed in advance. For this reason our goal is to inform you of some truths in prearranging your funeral.

Prearranging funerals is now as normal as writing your will. Currently, many families we serve have prearranged their funeral with us prior to need. With certainty, planning your funeral in advance, whether weeks or years ahead of time is a gift to your family. In addition, consider this:

  • We are always willing to meet you about nursing home or Medicaid spend downs; same-day appointments available.
  • We provide a program that allows you to guarantee all itemized charges directly related to funeral planning, including flowers, church honorariums, obituaries and cemetery opening/closing.
  • We even offer travel protection that can provide a cost effective way to return to Norwalk in the event one passes away while traveling.

Evans Funeral Home has a Family Record Guide available to assist you in gathering important information prior to your advance funeral plan appointment. A portion of the information recorded will be used for obituary data and filing for death certificates and social security benefits. In addition, answering these questions helps us help you plan a fitting funeral or memorial always mindful of your budget. The meeting time usually requires one hour and many families appreciate the fact this appointment may take place in the comfort of their home. Or, perhaps, you would rather meet at the funeral home. Either way we want to accommodate your needs.

If you are concerned about the cost of funerals or if you simply want to complete your plan, we invite you to consider prearranging your funeral today. Simply give us a call at (419) 668-1469. Remember, the Evans' live in this community, volunteer in this community and care about this community. It is their responsibility as professionals and friends to transparently inform and assist you with funeral service options.

What should I expect from my funeral director?

Expect an Evans Funeral Director to guide and share knowledge with you and your family when explaining funeral service options and prices. An attentive and professional funeral director will work side by side with you to create funeral arrangements your way, always. Funeral arrangements at Evans Funeral Home are always clear and straightforward. You and your family will feel at ease and confident in your decision-making process.

Burial Insurance

The National Council for Aging Care is committed to helping educate seniors and their caregivers about end of life options.

Our Complete Guide to Burial Insurance presents an unbiased account of the many considerations for this often difficult topic.

Guide To Burial Insurance

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, call (419) 668-1469.

First know the availability of an Evans Funeral Home representative is 24 hours a day and seven days a week including holidays. You can expect our funeral home representative to ask a few questions, including the whereabouts of the person who has passed away and some vital statistic information that will be needed throughout the duration of the funeral home's care. The funeral representative will coordinate a time that is convenient for you and your family to meet in order to complete your desired funeral arrangement.

If a death has occurred out of town or state, an Evans Funeral Director will coordinate arrangements and tend to details necessary in the care and safe return of your loved one.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at (419) 668-1469, 24-hours a day and seven days a week. A member of our professional staff will completely answer your questions and begin around-the-clock care for your deceased loved one, you and your family.

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